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Why Alone?

Go Alone was derived from the YouTube channel name AloneOnAdventure. In October 2022, I started driving my 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser from Canada with the intension of getting to Argentina, starting the channel as a way to document the trip.


Being 23 years old and having saved up after joining the military and working full time immediately after leaving high schooI, I found myself in a unique position. Most of my friends were either studying or simply didn't have the time or money to do a trip like this. When I started talking to people about my dream to do this trip there was an overwhelming amount of people who told me they wish they had done something like this but couldn't find someone to go with. This is a story I heard all too often, not just about big travel plans but about hiking, joining a club, or anything else that takes some commitment and motivation to start.

So I decided to make my channel to motivate others to do the things they wanted to do solo. Sometimes there isn't someone to join you and that's okay. Going alone builds character and confidence, it gives you ultimate freedom and let's you test yourself and push yourself to the limit.

So do it. Go Alone.

- Max

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