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The 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser

I bought this Land Cruiser Prado (KZJ78) over 3 years ago. It was imported from Japan, so it's a right hand drive. At the time of writing this it has roughly 340,000km's (just over 211k miles). It's gone through some changes since the trip started, and I intend to do a full rebuild of the drawer system to change the layout and accommodate more storage.



  • Wheels - Unknown Aluminum 15"

  • Tires - 33x10.5r15 Toyo MT's

  • Suspension - ProComp Coils all around from Japan

  • Front bumper - ARB steel bumper found on Facebook Marketplace in Guatemala, about 6 months into the trip

  • Rear bumper - Custom built by Pancho's Garage in Guatemala City

  • OEM Toyota rear spare tire mount - on the door (no swingouts)

  • Front Runner Ladder on back left door + Axe and shovel mounted with Quickfists - chain with lock runs through everything

  • Awning: 6x8ft by Danchel Outdoor

  • 5lb Propane tank in bag

  • No name aluminum clamshell roof tent

  • Currently 2 fixed 100w Solar panels on the roof (more info in electronics section)



  • Customer rear 2 drawer system. Left drawer holds all tools and right drawer is split in 2 sections, food and cookware

  • Fridge slide on 24" drawer slides with cutlery drawer undernearth

  • ICECO VL45 PRO S single section fridge/freezer

  • Stove - Currently using a no name single burner that runs off 1lb green Coleman propane tanks. These tanks I refill with an adaptor via the 5lb tank

  • Clothing is stored in a plastic drawer system ratchet strapped to a wooded platform with d-rings that is built where the back right passenger seat was

Honduras 2 (31).jpg

Solar and Electrical

  • Solar panels - the truck started with a Renogy 100w flex panel on the roof that got damaged in severe wind in southern Mexico. Currently there are 2 100w rigid panels - It's a work in progress

  • Solar wiring - The wiring runs down the a pillar into the hood and through the firewall grommet, it then runs to the rear of the drivers seat

  • Battery - Initially I bought a Jackery 500w, I then upgraded to the 1500w (Roughly 130A). It has an MPPT controller built in with USB, USB-C and 110V plugs, it is also wired into the truck to charge when driving

  • Lighting - Nilight 22" Light bar on the front bumper, 2 Nilight LED pods on the back + One on the left side of the roof rack and one on the right side

  • Buttons - AUXBEAM 6 gang switch panel with its own fuse box - Lighting arranged LIGHTBAR, REAR, SIDE


  • Engine: 1KZ-TE 3.0L Turbo Diesel - Stock exept deleted EGR

  • Transmission - Stock A343f Auto

  • Electric push button hubs (yes still)

  • RACOR 230r Diesel Filter - This runs as a pre-filter to the OEM filter

  • Re-cored stock radiator with all plastic replaced with aluminum

  • AUTOMETER transmission temperature gauge + AUTOMETER EGT gauge

Otherwise the truck is pretty much stock, no muffler just one resonator.


Full list of gear we use

Traction Boards:
Renogy fold-out solar panel:
Jetboil Sumo:
Nilight Lighting (Side/back):
Nilight Light bar:
Transmission Gauge:
EGT Gauge:
Water Temp Gauge:
Boost Gauge:
Manual Boost Controller:

Camping gear: 
The most comfortable boots:
Garmin Inreach Explorer + :
NorthFace Stormbreak 2:
Thermarest Sleeping pad:
Camping Table:


Camera Gear:
Olympus Camera Body:
Olympus M.Zuiko 12-40mm:
Olympus M.Zuiko 40-150mm:
DJI Mini 3 Pro:
DJI Fly More Kit:
DJI Mini 3 Pro ND Filter set:

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